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AC -Coals-
The warm sunlight spilling through the window flickered for a moment as the train passed whistling under one of London's stone bridges. Evie frowned as the shadows danced over the page she had just turned to, but this was nowhere near as distracting as the sudden thud of someone landing on the roof overhead.
She sighed quietly and shifted in her armchair, staring only at the book propped open on her knee and pointedly ignoring her brother’s clattered entrance into the car.
"There's a letter for you," she said coolly, not bothering to look up as Jacob pushed back his hood and dropped onto the bed across from her. He had already propped his boots up on the arm of her chair before she could object, and he only smiled innocently at the glare she darted at him.
“Good morning to you too, sister,” the younger Frye said languidly, his smirk cut short as Evie deftly elbowed his legs out of her reading space. “What, not going to badger me about which pillar of society I
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HTTYD -Guardian- by kiu-lung HTTYD -Guardian- :iconkiu-lung:kiu-lung 4 3 Damaged by kiu-lung Damaged :iconkiu-lung:kiu-lung 3 2 Zebra Finch by kiu-lung Zebra Finch :iconkiu-lung:kiu-lung 4 4 Meme -before after Frey- by kiu-lung Meme -before after Frey- :iconkiu-lung:kiu-lung 0 4 Meme -before after Nekheny- by kiu-lung Meme -before after Nekheny- :iconkiu-lung:kiu-lung 0 8 DW -Angel's Tears- by kiu-lung DW -Angel's Tears- :iconkiu-lung:kiu-lung 1 10 Little Unicorn by kiu-lung Little Unicorn :iconkiu-lung:kiu-lung 2 2 AC -Night Fall- by kiu-lung AC -Night Fall- :iconkiu-lung:kiu-lung 3 2
AC -Slow Fever Ch1-
Chapter 1: Nightmares
He had not seen so much as tracks for the past week, and as the storm closed low upon him, the hunter stood motionless upon the invisible border that the sachem had drawn. Nothing concrete marked it; yet the boundary shone clear to his memory, rang in his mother’s stern tone. His people did not dare tempt fate, not with so many souls lost after crossing too close to the King’s cities.
Still, the full quiver upon his back stung him, and he only hesitated briefly before pushing forward into the settled lands.
He lifted his steps through the snow, taking every precaution not to disturb the predators that lay here. There had never been doubt that those of the tribes were being stolen away - indeed, not always unwillingly.
As winter clawed them all, entire families had sighed and stepped hollow-eyed into the mad King’s reach. Hearsay warned that servitude was all that awaited them, but surely anything was better than watching their children starve.
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AC -Conflict Without Ch1-
Chapter 1: Never Again
It had been many months since his feet had felt this path, his lungs this air, but his very spirit remembered every detail of the landscape. The gentle slope of the valley tilted him back into its embrace as if he were a lost child; and perhaps he was one. The wolf within him ran Kanatahseton's forests with an assured step, bounding between fallen timbers and crags as if it had never left, but Connor's thoughts were turned inwards, away.
He was no longer the boy that had left this valley, not after he had taken up the Creed of his Order, and the burden of its cowl and promises. The blades he knew well, the obligations even better. It seemed even now he could hear the voice of his mentor - and that of a hundred ages of Assassins before him - preaching of a responsibility to humanity.
Though Connor resolutely carried that weight, and eagerly set on the chance for all to be free, the whisper of a different voice ever clung to him. He knew - had always known - that t
:iconkiu-lung:kiu-lung 4 3
AC -Siphon-
"Come on, Desmond, let's see what you can remember."
The voice was like a splash of chill water, a waking from a pleasant dream. Desmond groaned inwardly as the calm landscape within the Animus began to fade, the buildings and seas of Forli shattering slowly into vague colors and cold lines of light. Ezio, having just boarded the ship to Venice, looked back a little distractedly as if to watch his descendant reluctantly slip away from the scene.
Desmond shifted his arm out of the device's mechanism as the warehouse hideout rematerialized around him, feeling a slight itch as he pulled the needle free from his skin. Lucy was standing over him, a half-smile upon her face, her eyes betraying both light-heartedness and caution.
Perhaps she herself didn't realize it, but Desmond could remember that expression from since he had been incarcerated in Abstergo, that face that both attempted to hearten him, yet remained wary of his reactions. Back then, the memories of danger and blades had not a
:iconkiu-lung:kiu-lung 4 8
AC -Ketoret-
A young Assassin's training was as gratifying as it was severe, and even those who were not familiar with the regime could easily see its testament in the apprentices' bruises and fractured bones. These were well justified, however. The living blades of the Master could never be allowed to waver, and it seemed that he thought it best that the weak be broken and discarded before they were ever set to a task.
Altair thought back on this even as he ran the sun-beaten streets, kicking up dust that steadily began to line his lungs and sweaty robes. How many times had he seen his Brothers train beside him until they bled, until their swords fell from nerveless fingers? He had been one of the chosen, he reminded himself tersely. Neither death nor capture were permitted to him.
Though he spoke this to himself, the reminder could not drown the accusing toll of the alarm bell, or the shouts of Jerusalem's guards in close pursuit behind him. The Assassin's hands and blade were still thick with st
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AC -Kindred- by kiu-lung AC -Kindred- :iconkiu-lung:kiu-lung 55 9 AC -Swallow's Wing- by kiu-lung AC -Swallow's Wing- :iconkiu-lung:kiu-lung 20 7 Doctor Who -Eleventh- by kiu-lung Doctor Who -Eleventh- :iconkiu-lung:kiu-lung 1 0

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